WineTaster is a modern update to the Classic WINETASTER® app developed by Professor Richard Quandt.

At the end of any wine tasting, the big question is “so which one won?” Sure, a few of you liked this one, and that other one had 97 points from a big magazine, but can you say which one your group liked with confidence? Now, you can! With WineTaster, your rankings are taken with rigorous statistical methods to prove, once and for all, who won and who lost. Initially developed by notable oenophiles professors from the Princeton University economics department for their own wine group, WineTaster is a simple, easy, and fun way to take your wine tastings to a new level. Not only can you see if a wine really was head and shoulders above the rest, you can also get statistics about the degree of correlation between tasters, to help understand who’s palates are most compatible. You can comment on your tastings and save them to iCloud, and share your notes with your fellow tasters when you’re all done.

WINETASTER is a program that allows you to analyze the rankings or grades assigned to wines in a "blind" tasting by a number of judges. You can ask the participants in the tasting to "rank" wines, i.e., assign ranks such as 1 (for the one a judge liked best), 2, etc. The program will ask you to input the names of the "judges," their rankings or grades of the wines, and only after all the ranks or grades have been entered will it ask you to input the names of the individual wines (which should not be revealed before all the ranks or grades have been entered). (Normally, in a tasting you might be told which wines you will be drinking, but the bottles will be covered and identified only with letters such as A, B, C, etc., so that you do not know which wine is which). For example tasting reports, check out the archive at Liquid Asset.

WINETASTER will then compute a number of statistical measures to identify: